Safety Nets

Safety nets are made from PP/ nylon ropes available in different sizes as per customer requirement as per is standard. We offer a wide variety of fall protection accessories that protect a worker from falling while working at height. These accessories are generally used by linemen, rescuers, firemen and many others

  • The nets are fabricated from PP/ Nylon ropes as per standard for effective fall arrest function.
  • Meshes for different use (6” square for human and 3” square for tools and equipment) are available.
  • Safety nets supports heavy load impact.
  • The Safety nets are fabricated in such a manner that it gives competent cushioning and impact of the fall is absorbed which facilitates safety of the person working at there site.
  • Available in all sizes and shapes as per user requirements.

Sport NET

Nets are an essential part of various games like soccer, golf, baseball, Volley ball etc.. The various sports net include:

  • Hockey Nets, Soccer Nets
  • Basketball Nets, Football Nets
  • Volleyball Nets, Cricket Nets
  • Fencing Nets

Fencing Nets is made of Nylon or HDPE to prev-ent animals from entering form and damaging crops It is also used for sports purpose.

Agriculture Shade Net

We are offering wide range of agriculture shade nets that are widely used in the plant nursery. It is being made by using superior quality of materials.These nursery shade nets are very durable. It is a HDPE Tape Knitted Shade and comes in the width of 1 mtrs. to 6 mtrs and its length varies from 50 mtrs to the requirement of the clients.