Attack Mouse Trap Glue Tin

  • It is more easy to use in a fish processing factory, large scale departmental stores' storage, or grain storage facilities where mouse most often frequent. 
  • It can be more effectively used when placed in areas where many mouse are going around. 
  • The application of Attack Mouse Trap Glue controlled depending on the size of the mouse.
  • The sticky area can also be narrow or broad. 
  • The Attack Mouse Trap Glue is strong and remains strong. 
  • The Attack Mouse Trap Glue does not flow down even in high temperatures. 

  • Place it at where a mouse moves frequently. 
  • It is ideal to get rid of completely at the initial stage, so spread it on wide area. 
  • Before spraying, clean surface of the place to spread with a dry cloth. 
  • Spread with a painting brush by proper quantity on a board or a thick paper. 
  • After catching, wrap it instantly and dispose of it into a trash can. 
  • Spread newspapers around when a mouse caught can contaminate the areas.
  • Place it out of reach of children or pets. 
  • Careful not to touch the sticky area when opening the can. 

When it got to body parts: 
Use cooking oil soaked in a cloth to cleanse the contaminated part. 

When it got to clothes: 

Apply flour to eradicate the Attack Mouse Trap Glue and make sure the clothes are not discolored. Then apply cooking oil and rub the clothes' contaminated part. 

When it got to a pet: 
Scatter flour in the area. Use cooking oil to cleanse the area. Apply shampoo to cleanse the oil and rinse it with water. 

Notes for Storage: 
  • Place it away from fire and under shadow. Avoid direct sunlight and keep it out of reach of children. 
  • Fully close the cap, not to allow it from being contaminated by dust or other material.

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