Attack Gel Applicator

ATTACK GEL APPLICATOR (FULLY AUTOMATIC) fits 20,30 and 35 gram reservoirs and is convenient, easy to use and practically unbreakable under normal use. The plunger retracts when the trigger is released to prevent dripping from reservoir tip. Affordable and durable, ATTACK GEL APPLICATOR is sold in individual units. 


If the job calls for a lot of baiting, such as going from apartment to apartment or rooms in hotels and motels ATTACK GEL APPLICATOR is more precise than baiting with a syringe type plunger. It is also more comfortable to operate over longer periods of time and can be used with all gel baits that come in a 20 gm, 30 gm and 35 gm reservoir. Re-use ATTACK GEL APPLICATOR over and over again. Bait application precision is important because of product costs and non-target exposure.

ATTACK GEL APPLICATOR is the best choice for accurate placement of gel baits. The amount of bait dispensed can be adjusted by use of the screw button in the middle of the gun. ATTACK GEL APPLICATOR can be calibrated to deliver all commercial bait placements, based on size (diameter) or weight (grams). The gun is designed to deliver a consistent amount of bait with each pull of the trigger-there are no partial pulls or partial delivery. The ergonomic design reduces fatigue during limited or extensive use.

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