Floor Cleaning

Sparkling floor provides a perfect backdrop for your beautiful house. Regular mopping of floor does clean the superficial dust, but to get the shining back of your floor and remove the stubborn dust, you need regular care of your floor with specialised equipments.

We undertake floor maintenance jobs, which include

  • Plain scrubbing of flooring
  • Marble polishing
  • Wax coating of Kota flooring
  • Wax coating of Vinyl flooring
  • Polishing of Wooden flooring

The Marble Polishing is available in two types:

  1. Normal Marble Polishing (Crystallisation)
  2. Diamond Marble Polishing (Honing and Crystallisation).

The Normal Marble polishing makes your floor resplendent as if it is new. To achieve this shine, the floor will be polished using Single Disk Scrubbing Machine and Marble polishing Powder.

The Diamond Marble Polishing is a process by which the surface defects such as scratches are mechanically removed. This involves ‘Honing’ where the floor is mechanically honed using series of diamond pads. The remaining process will be the same as for the normal polishing.

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Service Tax of 12.36% will be applicable